Worst Countries in Numbers

Times of India informs an estimated 29.6 million people are enslaved around the world.  This is up from 27 million estimated… It’s 2015…These numbers really need to go down…Why are we moving backwards?



Too many slaves in India

I have struggled with this one for a long time: family selling their girls into this horrific trade.  Who is to blame? Is it poverty? Corruption? Evil? Culture? A little bit of each, maybe.

Shaktivahini.org reminds of a few trends:

  • relatives often do the recruiting and the selling
  • rings target the most impoverished villages
  • Girls from Gumla, Lohardaga, Khunti and Simdega taken to Chattisgarh or Orissa and handed over to agents who send them to other destinations
  • thousands of girls have gone missing over the past few decades
  • Jharkhand-Trafficking-2

Age of the Internet

While probably obvious, more victims are lured over the internet.  Huffington Post reported 3 out of 4 victims are exploited online.  Check out their article here: Huffington Post on Sex Trafficking


2014 Good, Bad and Ugly

CNN provided a recap on the 2014 human trafficking report to highlight improvements made by a few countries but also outlining those that fell short of progress. You can find a lot of data and media coverage through CNN Freedom Project.  Here is the link to view their ongoing commitment to covering this issue worldwide: CNN Freedom Project


Here is a snapshot provided by CNN covering the industry’s estimated financial racket…

Do you suspect trafficking or forced prostitution? Blue_Heart

You can report suspected trafficking here:


Check out Blue Heart if you get a chance…

What would deter you from prostitution?

Here is what they said…


John Arrest Data 2011-2013

2011-2013 John arrest data.  I think we need to get more pimps!