The original plan was to create data charts, and forecast based on current human trafficking trends.  I then realized that in order to create the charts, maps, etc., we would need to collect the statistics already made available.  So, the site is currently an accumulation of human traffcking data produced my multiple non-profit and government entities.  Majority of the information is recent.  We will also make every attempt to keep it accurate.  We plan to pull from legitimate sources exclusively.  While some of the charts are found on other blogs, we do make sure the chart itself was produced by a reputible organization before we will consider posting. 

This site is a place where we can continue our effort to read between the lines, define the circumstances and need, and share reporting with others. It is also a space where the anti-trafficking community can post their data on trafficking. Inspired by Gapminder, we believe that data should be free. There should be no charge or monopoly in the way of knowledge with potential to assist those in need of assistance. This information should not be interpreted as anything more than a general overview of the current reporting patterns on human trafficking. We invite anyone to contribute to the information collection mechanism. If we find that your data is skewed too far from realistic measure, we will attempt to clarify before changes are made. We encourage you to contribute to this collection. We also encourage others to use it as a tool and/or resource in their own effort to fight human trafficking and exploitation.