One thing I love about is their ability to stay focused on victims and survivors right here in the USA.  They put a lot of talent and resources into our teen runaways, missing children and trafficking victims that come in from other countries.  Every year they post an excellent map to track cross-country state regulation improvements.  This year, we get to pass it on thru the new blog!  If you want a more interactive view, visit the site!  Polaris Project will keep you informed regarding all US trafficking regulations, tools, resources and outreach.  Big kudos for all their work….

If you really want to get an interactive view of this map, you need to visit their website.  They have it set up so that you can click on any state to get information about the current regulations to protect victims and prevent human trafficking.  This is one of the best data collections specific to human trafficking that I have seen yet!  Check it out!